Windows 10 IoT Core: Speech Controlled Robot Consultancy, 2016

In earlier days of computer, interaction with computer was held via punch-cardstrackballlight-gun, keyboards and even via touch screen. All of these devices requires some kind of physical contact to operate them.

With decade-by-decade, new technology improves over the old one. Wireless input devices become popular as they provide clean and less cluttered desk. With the current enhancement in software as well as hardware, a new kind of inputs are possible which are: Visual and Speech Input.

This article will help you to learn Speech Recognition technology provided in Windows 10 IoT Core. At the end of the topic, we will create a robot using Windows 10 IoT Core and Raspberry Pi 2 running Speech Recognition application. This Speech Recognition application enables robot to perform various movement task (for ex: move forward, turn, stop, etc.) based upon user interaction by speech.

This article was part of my Consultancy for Windows 10 IoT Core.