Particle Photon + Visual Studio 2015

I’m a big fan of Microsoft .Net Framework and Visual Studio since 2005. It is my super-favorite IDE. As time goes on, I become a bit lazy to write code without IntelliSense as I’m used to it and always tries to find way to integrate other programming languages into Visual Studio that are not officially yet supported.

While in a Hackathon in 2015, I was using Particle Photon to build project related to theme “Connect the Unconnected India”. It was my first experience with Particle Photon. The most horrible issue I faced was Particle’s online IDE (not criticizing at all but I’m used to with Visual Studio’s IntelliSense. Particle’s cloud IDE is really a good IDE and I’m respecting it).

I was finding way to integrating Particle’s libraries, compiler and flasher into Visual Studio. Finally, I managed to integrate them and created a Particle Photon project template for Visual Studio 2015