Hexagonal Blinds

WNeuron Automations, 2017-2019

Hexagonal Blinds consists of a hexagonal patterned facade inspired by honeycombs and carbon crystals.

Concept of Monarch Champaneri, principal, Open Ideas. Designed and Manufactured by Mr. Kamal Mistry and Mr. Yash Mistry.

Purpose of the project was to maintain home temperature as well as Sun light based on surrounding atmosphere.

LoRa technology has been utilised as primary communication with facade. Control over Internet, Event & Time based facade operation are possible with WNeuron LoRaGateway.

My Role

Circuit Design, Firmware and Software.


Mr. Kamal Mistry and Mr. Utpal Mistry for their invaluable guidance and direction. Mr. Pradip Mahajan, Mr. SatishBhai, Mr. JayantiBhai and Nilesh for their diligent support during the development of the project.

Technologies Involved

Atmel AVR, C, C#, KiCad, LoRa, WinForms