DiBox 360

WNeuron Automations, 2019-2020

Captures Video and Photo of diamond with various environments. It is quit easy and fast with the introduction of industrial camera.

Software and hardware together makes it easy to capture, process and export in single shot. Additionally, colour correction was provided by default.

Two products were developed. First with Canon EOS Series Camera and second with XIMEA Industrial Cameras.


  • Color Correction
  • Flexible Licensing System
  • Hardware Protection with SecureBoot & ClonePrevention
  • Image Enhancement
  • Precision Stepper Control with Camera Synchronisation
  • Quick Video Capture (~20sec capture, ~45sec Post-Processing)
  • Support for user defined environments

My Role

Circuit Planning & Design, Firmware and Software.


Mr. Utpal Mistry and Mr. Sunil Panchal for their knowledge and invaluable guidance on image processing. Mr. Pradip Mahajan for his diligent support in electronics development.


DiBox Machine, Concept and Mechanical Design are Intellectual Property of Lexus SoftMac.

Electronics (Planning & Design) and Software are Intellectual Property of WNeuron Automations Private Limited.

Technologies Involved

Atmel Controller, C, C#, HID, KiCad, OpenCV, Precision Stepper Driver, SecureBoot, WPF.