Cutwise Live

WNeuron Automations, 2019-2020

Compare and evaluate diamond. CutwiseLive lightweight and operates over USB power and thus makes it easy, versatile and portable to carry while traveling.

Provides various environments to evaluate diamond performance. Environments can be activated via touch buttons on LED-Ring.

Two different models were developed. First one is LIVE and the another one is PRO. PRO is similar to LIVE but with UV Light option.

Total seven PCB revisions were made. 7th revision was the final one with USB Type-C.

Circuit Design, Firmware and Software are developed by myself while I was working at WNeuron.


  • Touch Enabled
  • Safety sensors for eye protection against accidental bowl open
  • Power Measurement and Management
  • Sleep mode for power conservation
  • Operates over USB Adaptor, PowerBank and Laptop/Desktop
  • Hardware Protetcion with SecureBoot & ClonePrevention
  • Firmware Upgrade Support over USB


Machine Concept and Mechanical Design are Intellectual Property of Lexus SoftMac.

Circuit Planning & Design, Firmware and Software are Intellectual Property of WNeuron Automations Private Limited.

*Cutwise is property of Octonus and Lexus Logo is property of Lexus SoftMac.