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Hexagonal Blinds

WNeuron Automations, 2017-2019 Hexagonal Blinds consists of a hexagonal patterned facade inspired by honeycombs and carbon crystals. Concept of Monarch Champaneri, principal, Open Ideas. Designed and Manufactured by Mr. Kamal Mistry and Mr. Yash Mistry. Purpose of the project was to maintain home temperature as well as Sun light based on surrounding atmosphere. LoRa technology…


DiBox 360

WNeuron Automations, 2019-2020 Captures Video and Photo of diamond with various environments. It is quit easy and fast with the introduction of industrial camera. Software and hardware together makes it easy to capture, process and export in single shot. Additionally, colour correction was provided by default. Two products were developed. First with Canon EOS Series Camera and second…


DiBox Heart & Arrow

WNeuron Automations, 2019-2020 Precision cut and symmetry make a perfect diamond. A well cut diamond shows Heart & Arrow because of exact angles and symmetry. This machine is designed to captures Heart & Arrow in a single shot by utilising dual Industrial Cameras. Software and hardware makes it easy to capture, process and export in…


Cutwise Live

WNeuron Automations, 2019-2020 Compare and evaluate diamond. CutwiseLive lightweight and operates over USB power and thus makes it easy, versatile and portable to carry while traveling. Provides various environments to evaluate diamond performance. Environments can be activated via touch buttons on LED-Ring. Two different models were developed. First one is LIVE and the another one is PRO. PRO…