Started career as a programmer and gradually moved to robotics and industrial machine as R&D Engineer. Learning a new language or technology is never a barrier.

In recent years, product planning, component selection & sourcing, multilayer circuit design & manufacturing, their firmware and software development are my core strength.

In past, I have been involved in Computer Guided Navigation for Land & Water based vehicles, Home Automation System, Multiple Asynchronous Robotic System, Industrial Camera Control & Image Processing, Telegram controller Geyser and a Water Level controller.

For detailed information regarding my career, click here to see latest Resume.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Specialist in C#

Computer Engineer

C/C++, C#, VB.Net, SQL, MySQL, XAML, JavaScript, php, ASP.Net Blazor, .Net Core, NodeJs

Autonomous Land/Water Vehicle, Library Management System and Image & Video processing (using OpenCV) are major projects.

Hobbyist Electronics Engineer

Arduino, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266,
Particle, Intel, Atmel AVR & SAM, Fritzing, KiCAD

Circuit planning, Component Sourcing, Multilayer Circuit Design, Firmware Development

Home Automation, Facade Automation, Image & Video Processor’s Support Hardware are major projects


In spare time, I do mentoring. I like to share experience and knowledge across the community. I was quite active on and StackOverflow.

As a Hackster International Ambassador, me and my team have conducted several meetup and expert lecture on Robotics and IoT in different colleges/universities. I was integral part of developer team of India’s first Hardware Hackathon “InOut 3.0“.

In recent years, I was quite inactive due to work-life and again would like to start mentoring students across the college/university.